Music Groups and Bands

World Collision

World Collision pushes the boundaries of the musical universe.  This group, based out of Sarasota, FL is an eclectic group of artists and musicians whose musical tastes span from the hardest rock and electronica to native music of the world.  Check out their site for and incredible listening and viewing experience.

Educational Entertainment and Facilitators

Didgeridoo Down Under

Didgeridoo Down Under is one of the largest and most successful multi-cultural programs in the world.  Fronted by Darren Liebman, this incredible Australian Themed Edu-tainment show is performed Nationwide at over 1700 venues and has reached over 250,000 participants.

Drum Magic

World reknowned Drum Circle Facilitator, Jana Broder, provides all the drums, experiences, and team members to ensure your corporate, festival, or community drumming event will meet all your goals, Whether the event is for team building, stress relief, ice breakers, pep rallies, recreation, healing, education, or any other purpose, a Drum Magic Circle is the Best Choice.

Giving Tree Music - Drum Circles for Human Empowerment

Steve Turner, owner and founder of Giving Tree Music, Inc. has been playing and making drums for over 25 years.  His Passion for drumming is matched only by his love for sharing the gift of rhythm with others, especially children.  His teaching mantra - "drumming is easy" which is encouraged through out his facilitated circles. Truly a passionate facilitator who presents nationwide.

EZGenerator Website Building Software

EZGenerator is an easy to use and powerful website building tool that creates complete websites which can be hosted anywhere!

All graphical elements & menu structures are automatically generated based on an impressive collection of over 2000 customizable graphical templates.

News and Publications

Drum Circle Magazine

This magazine is the first publication dedicated to everything Drum Circle.  From great articles by world recognized authorities, featured articles, drum circles and drum circle events, festivals and plenty of advertising for those looking to purchase instruments.  Check them out and sign up to be a part of their site, it is very interactive and will Flourish with your participation.

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